The Philadelphia Phillies' Hot Dog Launcher [video]

A brilliant, slickly-produced, tongue-in-cheek documentary about the Philadelphia Phillies' Hot Dog Launcher. With the help of the Philly Phanatic, hot dog maker Hatfield constructed a hot dog launcher that can shoot hot dogs (with mustard and relish) 100 to 200 feet into the stadium. Lovely:

What does a wheel mean to mankind? What does the landing on the moon mean to mankind? And really, that's what I think the launcher means to mankind. We think it's one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. I think dreams are very important, and without dreams, things like this would never become a reality. We always try to do a little better, so they probably want it to shoot a little further.

Who knows? We've talked about rocket-propelled hot dogs, we said 'Is nuclear an option?' I think certainly we have a chance to get them into New Jersey.

Video: The Philadelphia Phillies' Hot Dog Launcher

More about the hot dog launcher at [via]

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