Thomas Keller's Under Pressure by the Numbers

Number of photographs of Thomas Keller that appear in Under Pressure (buy at Amazon), his new cookbook dedicated to the art of sous vide: 10

Number in which he is frowning: 7

Number in which he is smiling: 2

Number in which he is neither frowning nor smiling, but appears to be dancing the macarena: 1 (page 98)

Year in which Keller says he began vacuum-packing food: 1986

Address of the restaurant, Rakel, at which he was chef at the time: 231 Varick St

Address of Artisan Books, publisher of Under Pressure: 225 Varick St

Distance between these addresses, according to Google Maps: 30 ft

Number of Basic Principles that govern sous vide cooking: 3 (pressure, temperature, and time)

Number of Basic Techniques sous vide can be used for: 4 (storage, compression, marination, and cooking)

Kilograms of butter needed for Beurre Monté Bath, required for Butter-Poached Lobster Tail: 5

5 kilograms of butter, in pounds: 11.0231131

5 kilograms of butter, in calories: 12,787

Pictures of living bunnies: 1

Pictures of dead, butchered, delicious bunnies: 5

Amount of clue I have about what is pictured on the cover: No fucking (red pepper? rhubarb? some kind of fish?) search result ranks for unrelated cookbooks by Grant Achatz, Joel Robuchon, Heston Blumenthal, Ferran Adria, and Eric Ripert that turn up when I search for "under pressure," respectively: 4, 7, 8, 9, 10 ranking for Under Pressure by Queen in category "MP3 Songs > Hard Rock & Metal > Live Albums": 3 ranking for Under Pressure by Thomas Keller in category "Books > Cooking, Food & Wine > Professional Cooking > Professional": 1

List price for Under Pressure: $75.00

Cost of a Fleetwood Food Service Equip 12 x 12 Flat Lid Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine, one of the two required pieces of machinery for cooking sous vide: $1,905.67

Cost of a Model 7306C Thermal Circulator, the other required piece of machinery: $939.00

Total cost of doing sous vide at home, the Keller way: $2919.67, excluding shipping, ingredients, and labor

Cost of dinner for one at Per Se: $275, service included

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