Top Chef Product Placement Continues, Unabated

Expect to get beaten over the head even more: beyond the Glad bags, Ad Age reveals the new brands that are going to be "integrated" into Top Chef: Campbell Soup Co., Diet Dr Pepper and Quaker. In addition, we find out that there's a "strict policy on not repeating any of the show's quick-fire or elimination challenges," but the kicker is how sensitive and fearful the show's producers are when it comes to their advertisers:

In the case of season three, "Top Chef Miami," the show's producers wanted to use a stretch limousine to transport contestants to a challenge on a yacht. Mr. McAuliffe immediately got on the phone with the sponsors at Toyota to give them a heads-up that they would be using a non-Toyota vehicle on the show. "They were like, 'We get it, and by the way we're not competing with stretch limousines,'" a relieved Mr. McAuliffe recalled. "There is a lot of back and forth to make sure everybody feels protected."

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