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Happy New Year from Eat me daily

Hey you, Happy New Year from the staff at Eat me daily. This humble blog only started on October 11, 2008, but we've done pretty well in our short existence this year: 550+ posts, 100,000+ pageviews, and an astounding 42 followers on Twitter. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank some of our top [...]

The Top Ten Posts on Eat me daily [listicle]

Hey! Hey there! We know how to make bulleted lists and half-assedly call it a year-end roundup! Why the hell not?

We learned that meat can be art.
We liked things built out of cans of food.
We learned all about restaurant branding (and anti-branding) .
We really liked Fat. The cookbook and the substance.
We called The Food Network [...]

Michael Laiskonis Renegs, Returns to Blogging

A couple of weeks ago, Michael Laiskonis sort of threatened to quit blogging — but he's heard the sirens, and won't be quitting after all:
Indeed, I will continue to use this blog as my soapbox of sorts, for general thoughts, musings, and ideas, however infrequently they may seem to surface.
But then he drops this [...]

Modern Hobo Code

Clockwise, from top left: Used Frying Oil Available for Biodiesel, Vegans Beware, Overpriced Drinks, Those aren't women
This has been hot on the web recently: the Modern Hobo Code.

Wait Times Down at Corporate Casual Dining Chains [crisis]

The global economic collapse continues apace: it's not just your local eateries that are hurting, but the big corporate restaurant chains are having a tough time, too! The Nation's Restaurant News reports that the amount of time customers waited prior to being seated is down in most chains:
To create the study, Wachovia analysts track the [...]

Eating Pie from a Salad Bowl in the Dark, from Kath & Kim [video]

In a recent episode of Kath & Kim, Kath (Molly Shannon) was stressed about wedding plans, so Phil (John Michael Higgins) gave her his appointments with his life coach and spiritual advisor, Athena Scooberman (Maya Rudolph). Phil depended on his life coach to guide him out of obesity, but without her, he "fell off the [...]

Walter Scheib Defends the Local and Organic Cuisine of the White House

The endlessly self-promoting, ex-White House Chef Walter Scheib has a bone to pick with Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, and darn it, he's going to write a stern letter to the New York Times.
In a Times article published December 23, 2008, "Is a New Food Policy on Obama’s List?" (link), Reichl was paraphrased [...]

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