All The Cool Kids Are Making Christmas Goose

Photograph by dalvenjah

Tom Mylan of Marlow & Sons (actually, I guess I'll now have to call him 'Tom Mylan of Marlow & Daughters') wonders about the current obsession with the Christmas foul du jour:

It seems like every dumbass in the world is all of a sudden really hot to cook a goose. Why now people? Is Dickens also experiencing a comeback? Is this how far and how deep the French country grandmother lifestyle poaching goes... goose deep?

Apparently the answer is yes, since Mylan himself is offering up a Christmas goose (uncooked). You can follow the cooking instructions in his blog post, or you can take your directions from the New York Times article on recipe author (and goose expert) Elizabeth David, which kicked up a few hours after Mylan's post hit the tubes.

Coming feebly to David's defence, Florence Fabricant tells us that David "was no Charles Dickens." But she cooked a damn Christmas goose anyway.

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