Andy Hayler Eats at all 68 of the World's Three Michelin-Starred Restaurants

The Telegraph UK reports on Andy Hayler, a British businessman-turned food critic who claims to have eaten at all 68 of the world's three Michelin-starred restaurants: "His total dining bill amounted to about £15,000, plus a similar amount on travel and accommodation as he traveled to 10 countries spread across Europe, Asia and America."

Hayler says:

"I don't think [British 3-star restaurants] Gordon Ramsay or the Waterside Inn have been three-star level for some time now and even at their peak they were only mid-range three-star. I don't think they are that inspiring. The last meals I had there were both pretty ordinary."

He's also not a huge fan of El Bulli, calling it "Harry Potter food."

What's almost more impressive, however, is his website, where he chronicles his experiences of eating at three star restaurants, including the requisite blog, course-by-course photo galleries, and chef interviews.

His take on the Michelin guides:

Despite its eccentricities, for French food Michelin is generally very reliable at the top of the tree. Infuriatingly, there is no index to the Guide Michelin, and nothing that might tell you what all the 3 star places are, or anything useful like that. To save you trawling through endless books I have brought all this information together on this site, together with reviews of the restaurants, which in 2004 included every 3 star establishment that had 3 stars at the time – just think of the devotion to duty that entailed. It is a telling sign of the respective interest in food that my journey around the 3 star places was reported in the local free London paper the Metro, but in France I was in Le Figaro and on national television. There seemed to be more interest in Australia than in the UK.

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