Christopher Kimball on Hiding Pie, Badly

Chris Kimball's editorials in Cook's Illustrated are folksy and at times, a little bewildering, a weird antithesis to the magazine's straight-laced content. Not available online unless you're a paying subscriber (which we're not—we enjoy the print product for the vintage experience), his recent editorial in the January / February 2009 issue was about the "Vermont creed," a listicle where he defines the people of Vermont via recollections of his past, including this gem:

Waste Not, Want Not: When I was 12 years old, I purchased a lemon meringue pie from Marie, the town baker. When I got home, I shot upstairs to eat it. My mother, being instantly suspicious, came up to my room to check things out. I hid the pie under my patchwork comforter, and, in my panic, ended up sitting on it. The next day, Marie asked, "How was the pie?" I told her the truth, including the part about throwing it out afterward. I had never seen her so mad. "You threw it out?" she said quietly. With great restraint, she added, "That pie was still good eating." There is, I learned, a world of difference between real country living and just playing at it.

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