FiPS on Breast Feeding in Public

Fucked in Park Slope runs a regular feature, Breeder vs Baller, a debate between a "bonafide, ginuwine Park Slope Breeder (mom/dad) and a real deal, smokin, sexin, drinkin Park Slope Baller (child free-n-lovin it)." This time around, the topic is breast feeding, and here's the Baller's take:

Now this week's rant is not gonna be at awl about whether or not you have the right to sit at Sotto Vocce with your titties hangin out, breastfeedin your bebe, eatin eggs benedict on Sunday morn if you so choose. I fully support your right to do that...

What I don't understand is why on earth you would want to do this out in the open... I don't care how "normal" and "natural" it is, it's YOUR MY FACE. Taking a dump is normal and natural too, but I don't do it in front of you as you're innocently polishing off your bagel and lox. Menstruating is hella normal, but I'm not popping in a new tampon whilst you sip on your chai, no whip, decaf latte.

[Ed note: This seems, at best, tenuously relevant to EMD. But I'll allow it because it's a slow news day and because, technically speaking, breast milk is a food.]

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