Giant Ice Cream Sandwiches at Dean Project, Long Island City, New York [food art]

"Eat your heart out", closeup, Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers

Currently on display at the Dean Project in Long Island City is All Good Things…, the first New York solo exhibition and collaborative project by Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers.

“Between a rock”, Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers

The exhibition is composed of four separate parts inhabiting the space, which in turn function together as a whole, forming an installation. “Between a rock” consists of five three-foot tall bright red ceramic brontosauruses.

"Eat your heart out", Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers

“Eat your heart out” is a four piece work which includes three fiberglass ice cream cookie sandwiches and a vinyl wrapper in various states of consumption

“Bone of contention”, Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers

“Bone of contention” consists of sixty-four gold lustered T-rex bones in a custom built walnut chest.

Gift shop, Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers

The fourth piece is a souvenir booth where an edition of one hundred six-inch tall replica ceramic brontosauruses, modeled off the dinosaurs from “Between a Rock,” are available for sale.

Souvenirs, closeup, Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers

We loved the idea of the souvenir booth / gift shop, not just at an art show, but essentially part of the show itself. Since the show itself deals with issues such as permanence, consumption, memory, and extinction, it's such a great idea to turn part of the show into a functioning "gift shop," a souvenir store of itself, in itself. At only $120, the sculptures, numbered and signed, are accessible and affordable art.

And as the pieces are purchased, the gaps on the shelves begins to show. From our interview with Timothy Berg and Rebekah Myers: "Our slightly more subversive side likes that taking home a memento for one’s self means that ultimately the pieces all disappear, thus demonstrating the consequences of consumption."

All Good Things… runs from November 6th – December 6th 2008

Dean Project (website)
45-43 21st Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
Gallery hours: Thurs - Sun, 12 - 7pm

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