Holiday Ornament Creme Eggs by Cadbury [WTF]

Yeah yeah yeah, we know these aren't new (Candy Blog wrote about them last year), but how could we not blog about these things? Much like Peeps being reformulated to become pumpkins or snowmen or hearts, Cadbury, in a pathetic attempt to boost sales, is seasonally rebranding their traditionally Easter-based products. Creme Eggs are now Ornament Creme Eggs, and Santa Claus makes a guest appearance on the wrapper of the Marshmallow & Creme Eggs.

I can only imagine the conversation in the boardroom of Cadbury, around November:

Boss: We have too many Creme Eggs in our inventory, and we gotta move em for Christmas.
Underling: What, you want Christmas eggs? What, like reindeer eggs?
Boss: Fuck it — let's call them ornaments.

The Insides

Gooey. Just like Christmas eggs ought to be.

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