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What a fun concept. The Lunchbox Auction, an online auction for charity, runs through December 18th:

The Lunchbox Auction presented by Gourmet which benefits hunger-relief organizations Food Bank For New York City and The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa... Bid on your favorite custom-designed lunchbox by Mario Batali, Beastie Boys, Gwyneth Paltrow, David Chang, Tom Colicchio, Salman Rushdie, Cameron Diaz, the cast of “Gossip Girl,” Rachael Ray, Eva Mendes, Mike Myers, Ellen Page, Michael Stipe, Liv Tyler, Diane Von Furstenberg and many others — plus, Gourmet's Ruth Reichl and Sara Moulton.

The interface of the website makes it sort of a pain to see them all quickly, so we're gonna go ahead and post some of our favorites, including Joe Bastianich's classy, artful piece, and Mario Batali's insane in the membrane pigs' blood-covered lunch box (that has sausage casings inside).

Alice Waters


Anne Burrell

Pink, green and orange collage made with fabric, sequins and tassels. link


Crumpled black-and-blue painted box with three-foot indian spear poking through either side. link

Ellen Page

The box painted red is the lobster's body with stuffed claws, tail and antennae attached, all encased in a lobster trap.

Emeril Lagasse signature sayings cut out and glued to a round top box and signed. link

Gossip Girl Cast


Gwyneth Paltrow

"Self-Portraits from a Kitchen" with photos and two boxes decorated by her children, Apple and Moses. link

Jane Holzer

Glitter encrusted red apple surrounded by mirrored squares in the center of the box with a white fur exterior. link

Jacques Torres


Joe Bastianich

"Dinner for Two." Lunchbox filled with silverware and cooking utensils displayed on a table with setting for two, two chairs and a 'reserved' placard. Display not included. link

Lidia Bastianich

Carmen Miranda-style decollage. link

Beastie Boys and Jacob the Jeweler

Diamond dust covered Jacob the Jeweler watch went on world tour and was photographed on famous and not so famous wrists. Includes photos of the watch on Ben Stiller, Santogold, Michael Stipe, Mario Batali, Tom Collichio, and of course, Beastie Boys. link

Mario Batali

Outside: pigs blood and acrylic and the ingredients in a salami: salt, pepper, fennel seed. Inside: salted salami casings and a recipe. link

Martha Stewart

Colored straw woven through the front of the box into flowers and leaves.

Ruth Riechl

For her lunchbox Ruth shares some of her epicurean experiences by filling it with treasures such as notes from writers like M.F.K. Fisher, personal photographs of top chefs, vintage menus, and even an autographed anti-war booklet that philosopher Bertrand Russell sent her mother. link

Tom Colicchio

Wall hanging of four boxes covered in spin art. link

Wylie Dufresne

Innovation extends beyond the kitchen to his design for the auction-a lunchbox duo that spins like a record player. link

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