Meatloaf Bakery Opens in Chicago [wtf]

Photograph by Jason Little for Metromix

The gimmicky meatloaf "cake" with mashed-potato "icing" made the rounds, and we figured it'd die the honorable death of food memes whose time has passed.

Wrong. Chicago is now home to The Meatloaf Bakery. Guess what they serve.

Menu items include The Mother Loaf (beef, pork, and veal frosted with Yukon gold mash), The Loaf-A-Roma (beef, Italian sausage, red wine, sun-dried tomatoes, topped with angel hair pasta and marinara) — and, most intriguingly, The No Buns About It Burger Loaf, a hamburger in cupcake form, made from "bacon, cheddar, onions, mustard, ketchup, pickles, and — oh yeah — some beef," topped with cheesy taters and special sauce.

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