Mind-Blowing Food Safety Music Parodies

Okay, people. This is, bar none, the best thing I have ever found on the internet: Dr. Carl Winter's Food Safety Songs.

Dr. Winter is the Weird Al of the food set — he picks up popular music and rewrites the lyrics to be about e. coli, pesticides, mad cow disease, and the importance of washing your hands. The dude is just insanely talented. The lyrics, the singing — heck, even the MS Paint-esque music videos.

This is just ... words fail me.

• With the same simple perfection that The Beatles brought to "I Wanna Hold Your Hand," we're told You Better Wash Your Hands.

• Ricky Martin's "Livin la Vida Loca" turns into a song about mad cow disease — Beware la Vaca Loca.

• Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" becomes a narrative about safely grilling hamburgers — Don't Be a Gambler.

• The Drifters' "Under the Boardwalk" was clearly always meant to be about the Norwalk virus — A Case of Norwalk.

• Even the Rocky Horror Picture Show isn't immune: "Timewarp" becomes a song of political yearning: Bring Back Delaney has got to be the catchiest song about the Delaney clause of the EPA ever to be turned into an MP3.

No, seriously, I am dying over this. I cannot stop listening to these songs.

Video: Food Safety Music - You Better Wash Your Hands

Video: Food Safety Music - Don't Be a Gambler

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