Momofuku Ko Charges $150/Person Cancellation Fee, 'David Chang has lost his mind'

A tipster writes in to us with a harrowing tale of attempting to get a reservation at the famously impenetrable restaurant Momofuku Ko:

My strategy for getting in to Ko is to check out the reservation website at random, non-10AM times, with the idea that I'll catch a canceled resy before anyone else. It's not the best strategy (it's never, technically, worked), except yesterday I completely randomly lucked into a 2-person lunch at noon on Friday. But then I saw the cancellation policy, and WHAT THE FUCK. $150 per head fee if you cancel less than 24 hours out? The lunch itself costs $150/person! And it's not like they won't fill those stupid counter stools! I'm completely over Chang. He's lost his mind.

He thoughtfully included a screencap, and kids — it's true. If you don't go to your Ko lunch, you're gonna pay for it anyway.

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