No Way To Peel an Apple, From Momma's Boys with Guest Judge Tyler Florence [video]

Tyler Florence made a guest appearance on the reality show Momma's Boys (what, Rocco wasn't available?), where a bunch of ladies try to win the affection of four men and their moms. In this episode, Florence was a coach and judge in a cooking contest where the women had to team up and cook some of the moms' recipes or, alternatively, their own.

In this clip, the contestant Michelle couldn't find a peeler, so she goes ahead and peels an apple with an eight-inch slicer (we loved the sound effects added to dramatize the danger). While we appreciate the strong will to peel those damned apples — that's a sure-fire way to lose a finger.

Also in the clip, she tries to convice Tyler Florence that the five-second rule exists, where she'd be allowed to serve the moms and judges apple that had fallen on the ground.

Video: Tyler Florence on Momma's Boys

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