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Chris Cosentino, Cooking with Goose Intestines [offal]

Looks like someone's Christmas wish came true. Chris Cosentino writes:
Christmas usually brings a whole bunch of geese to the restaurant to serve for the holidays. This year I got a treat with the geese, I got their intestines as well.

Congressman Howard Coble is Probably a Zombie

Slashfood shares a recipe for Brains and Eggs — that's, yes, canned pork brains sauteed with scrambled eggs. Specifically, they pass along the favorite recipe of U.S. Representative Howard Coble, a Republican congressman from North Carolina.
At the time of this post, Coble is best known for his justification of the internment of Japanese-Americans during [...]

Kathryn Hahn Suggests Having Dinner Afterward

From January's Esquire:
If you want to get laid, don't take us out for a three-hour, ten-course tasting menu. All we want to do after that is put on your boxers and a T-shirt and watch TV. On a special night, screw first.

Truvia Packaging by Pentagram [design]

The design firm Pentagram blogs about their new packaging for Truvia, the new natural, no-calorie sweetener derived from the leaves of the stevia plant. Designed by Paula Scher and Daniel Weil, the brand identity is a marked contrast from established rivals Equal, NutraSweet, and Sweet ‘N Low. Lovely. [via]

No Way To Peel an Apple, From Momma's Boys with Guest Judge Tyler Florence [video]

Tyler Florence made a guest appearance on the reality show Momma's Boys (what, Rocco wasn't available?), where a bunch of ladies try to win the affection of four men and their moms. In this episode, Florence was a coach and judge in a cooking contest where the women had to team up and cook some [...]

$2.99 Jumbo Deal at Jack in the Box

Oh, these troubled economic times. Jack in the Box is rolling out a $2.99 Jumbo Deal featuring a Jumbo Jack hamburger, two tacos, and a small order of fries. The deal eschews the commonly-added soft drink and clocks in at an impressive 1260 calories (we checked).
Funny that the company in their press release said: "Between [...]

'Secret Habit' T-Shirt by Glennz [stuff we like]

We totally like the illustrations by Glennz, particularly the Secret Habit t-shirt (above). Also of note is Organized Food Fight featuring giant foodstuffs engaged in gang warfare, Endangered Species, a cross-section of a fish revealing pre-made sushi, and Go For Launch, a Space Shuttle being propelled into outer space with Mentos and Diet Coke. [...]

Marian Burros, Without Attribution, Labels Alice Waters the 'Mother of Modern American Cooking'

Marian Burros

We're big fans of Regina Schrambling's Gastropoda, even though her posts sometimes require decoding and further investigation. Yesterday, she dropped this doozy, about New York Times author Marian Burros labeling Alice Waters as "the mother of American cooking":
When it comes to well-varnished stupidity, it would be hard to top the latest description of Alice [...]

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