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The Centerfold from The Big Fat Duck Cookbook [food art]

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We were flipping through The Big Fat Duck Cookbook (reviewed here), and we loved the details of the centerfold — a top-down view of Heston Blumenthal's brain (and Heston Blumenthal himself) — illustrated by Dave McKean.

Pepsi Max Suicide Ad Campaign

These print ads by BBDO Dusseldorf for Pepsi Max feature a calorie who isn't leaving anything up to chance. Controversial! [via]

'Restaurant Hand Grenade Not Real' [in the news]

An actual item from the Littleton, Colorado police blotter:
Littleton police evacuated two restaurants On Dec. 7 after a possible explosive device was left on a table at one of them. An employee at Merle's Restaurant, 2609 W. Main St., found the device and brought it to the owner, who took it [...]

Cranberry Sauce on Pizza, from 'The Kitchen Job' [video]

In a recent episode of The Kitchen Job, the New Zealand rip-off of Kitchen Nightmares, the team visits Vinnie's, a restaurant in a beach town on the west coast of New Zealand. Run by Vito, a lawyer who transplanted his family from New York City 18 months ago, Vinnie's is losing $10,000 NZ (~$5,750 US) [...]

Ruth Madoff, the Wife of Ponzi Scheme Artist Bernie Madoff, Was a Cookbook Editor [scandal]

We were shocked when we read that Ruth Madoff, wife of grade-A shitbucket Bernie Madoff, was a cookbook editor, but then we paused — why not? There's no real reason a love for gourmet food can't coexist with a penchant for securities fraud.
Along with co-authors Idee Schoenheim, who's done nothing else Google-worthy, and noted wine [...]

Serendipity's Frozen Hot Chocolate Featured on Sunday Night Football [video]

Every episode of NBC's Sunday Night Football has a quick feature on a food establishment of the home team's city. Last night's game, which was in New York, featured the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. John Madden, ever the colorful commentator, asks a legitimate question, "How do you have frozen hot chocolate? If it's hot [...]

This Week in Eat me daily: Cooking with Fat, Iron Chef Shovelware, Lunchboxes, etc etc

We liked Jennifer McLagan's cookbook Fat, calling it "a call to arms against a culture that's unjustly vilified this delightful substance."
We were impressed by the Lunchbox Auction by Gourmet - Mario Batali's pig's blood-covered lunchbox ended up going for only $195.00.
Speaking of Mario Batali, we truly hated the Nintendo Wii game, Iron Chef America: Supreme [...]

I Hate Wine & Coffee [photograph]

Photograph taken in Seoul, South Korea. Does that mean they serve tea? [via]

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