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FiPS on Breast Feeding in Public

Fucked in Park Slope runs a regular feature, Breeder vs Baller, a debate between a "bonafide, ginuwine Park Slope Breeder (mom/dad) and a real deal, smokin, sexin, drinkin Park Slope Baller (child free-n-lovin it)." This time around, the topic is breast feeding, and here's the Baller's take:
Now this week's rant is not gonna be at [...]

Edible Christmas Cards

The Mail Online reports on these eco-friendly, edible Christmas cards by the graphic design agency Oxygen Creative. They're made out of potato starch and even signed in edible ink. [via]

Bento Boxes Are So 2008 [prediction]

Photograph by kickintheheadcomic
Even though Anna the red makes some crazy bento boxes, we at Eat me daily would like to predict that 2009 is going to be all about cookies, as evidenced by the above Raving Rabbids cookies.

Study Finds Women Are Better Tasters, Men Have More Adventurous Palates

Photograph by slopjop
M.F.K. Fisher, Ruth Reichl, Mimi Sheraton — their famous palates might have something to do with their ladyness. A massive Danish study on the eating habits of young people finds that girls, across the board, have a better sense of taste than boys:
One of the many findings shows that girls are generally better [...]

All The Cool Kids Are Making Christmas Goose

Photograph by dalvenjah
Tom Mylan of Marlow & Sons (actually, I guess I'll now have to call him 'Tom Mylan of Marlow & Daughters') wonders about the current obsession with the Christmas foul du jour:
It seems like every dumbass in the world is all of a sudden really hot to cook a goose. Why now people? [...]

The Potato Christmas Special from Late Night with Conan O'Brien [video]

Last week, Conan O'Brien got all nostalgic — this is his last Christmas at Late Night, so he's running classic pieces from his older shows. Here's an animated stop-motion Christmas classic "inspired by my Irish heritage, which is sacred and important to so many people in this country": The Potato Christmas Special, featuring a samurai [...]

Target's 'S-XL Cake Mold' Is Awesome [gift win]

Target is selling this incredibly cool cake pan as part of their "Red Hot Shop" collection of design-geek holiday gifts.
The "S-XL Cake Mold" pre-forms your cake into fifteen slices in a range of sizes, from itsy-bitsy (for your perma-dieting mom) to aggressively large (for your perma-dieting mom, after everyone else has left the room).

Michael Laiskonis to Quit Blogging?

Less than a year into blogging, Michael Laiskonis, pastry chef of Le Bernardin, might be calling it quits when it comes to blogging, citing a potential book deal:
It's been a year, and though a great one with a lot to show for it, I may stop the blog. Maybe it's time to take stock and [...]

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