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Bacon iPhone Case Production Behind-the-Scenes [video]

You know that bacon has really hit the big time when Reuters gets in on the hype: They've tracked down the makers of the iPhone bacon case. After being written about on Gizmodo, sales went through the roof. Here's a crazy behind-the-scenes look at Antje Schmitt, from southern Germany, making the cases in her kitchen [...]

Kangaroo Meat Art [food art]

The New York Times Magazine ran their annual meme roundup this weekend (the Year in Ideas issue, ho hum) and we were particularly taken with the kangaroo-shaped meat art that goes along with the story on eating kangaroos to fight global warming.

Rachael Ray Postpones Vocal Cord Surgery

Someone's Christmas wish has been answered — Rachael Ray is postponing her previously scheduled vocal chord surgery. People reports that the surgery might not be needed at all: "During the course of normal pre-op care, Rachael started an intensive new vocal therapy and it is now the opinion of her doctor that surgery may not [...]

'Top Chef' Steals Taste Test from 'Hell's Kitchen' [shocker]

Last week's taste test on Top Chef seemed oddly familiar. All of the taste tests from Top Chef always tested the contestants' ability to identify only one ingredient. And then it hit us: we had seen the the exact same taste on the last season of Hell's Kitchen, which aired last summer, where the contestants [...]

Review: Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine Game for the Nintendo Wii [video]

I got an early Christmas present the other day — a copy of Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine for the Nintendo Wii. Trailers on the web had it clearly ripping off game design elements from the Cooking Mama series, in which players go through a series of tasks to create a final dish. Cooking Mama [...]

Illustrations of Ridiculous Food Patents by the New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine Endpaper had Andrew Rae illustrate some of 2008's patents and imagined what they might look like. Here are the food ones!
19 Book with taste or smell elements for interacting with an animal (7,357,421)
24 Bread-impaling cooking utensil for meat insertion (7,339,136)
25 Butter straw (D567,004)
26 Device for gripping, penetrating and separating an [...]

McDonald's Takes Digs at Starbucks

Starbucks is the latest target in the unabating recent phenomenon of hostile comparative advertising. Dunkin' Donuts is running taste test commercials against them, and now McDonald's is putting up ads declaring "Four bucks is dumb," and "Large is the new grande" — Seattle PI reports 140 billboards in Washington State, including one in sight of [...]

Lunchbox Auction by Gourmet [Celebrity Explosion]

Nancy Silverton link

What a fun concept. The Lunchbox Auction, an online auction for charity, runs through December 18th:
The Lunchbox Auction presented by Gourmet which benefits hunger-relief organizations Food Bank For New York City and The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa... Bid on your favorite custom-designed lunchbox by Mario Batali, Beastie Boys, Gwyneth Paltrow, David Chang, [...]

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