The Gastronomic Life of Ricky Gervais

The Guardian UK mines Ricky Gervais' oddly fascinating blog and scores an interview with him, where we learn all kinds of fascinating things, like that he works out every day:

I'm fat because I eat too much and I'd rather not give up food. It's not glandular, it's greed. If I didn't work out I'd still eat as much but instead of being probably 20 pounds overweight, I would be 40 pounds overweight and growing.' In any case, 'I don't think a comedian should be worried about their weight'.

He's mostly vegetarian:

'So I'm nearly a vegetarian apart from chicken and very, very heavily disguised meats. You can't put a thing on my table that looks like it could run round the planet. I don't want to see eyes or legs. I don't want to be reminded this was an air-breathing mammal.'

Not long ago, a restaurant in New York presented him with a complimentary soft-shell crab between courses 'which is a delicacy, and I had to say, "Sorry, I'm a vegetarian".' Then I thought, "Hold on, I ordered chicken". But I just couldn't cut into it.' So the crab went straight back to the kitchen.

And gasp! He hates champagne flutes:

Yet if he orders a glass of champagne in a restaurant, he asks that it be served not in a champagne flute but in an ordinary wine glass. 'Because a flute annoys me. It's too hard to drink from. You have to tip it too far, poke your nose in it, so a wine glass is so much easier.' He doesn't know if 'that's gauche or wrong or terrible or what' but that's how it is.


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