The Girls Next Door, Challenged by Fine Dining [video]

We've only recently been watching The Girls Next Door, especially after seeing the girls have Jaques Torres mold their naughty body parts out of chocolate. The most recent episode had the group pay a visit to Barbi's house in Aspen, an old flame of Hugh Hefner's. Unfortunately, the girls couldn't handle the fine dining options. Says Bridget:

As we're sitting there at the dinner table, they first bring salads, and Kendra and I both look at each other, and we're like uhhh, what kind of salad is this? It's one of those really fancy, hoity-toity salads with crazy pine nuts and weird dressings, and furry lettuces and stuff... I'm a very simple girl — pizza, macaroni and cheese, corn dog, hamburger, steak, salad - regular salad... normal salad...

When presented with the choice of lamb or sea bass, they girls are completely dumb-founded. The gracious hosts, recognizing that the girls are used to food more suited for a kids' meal, get the chef to make them some chicken salad.

Video: The Girls Next Door, Challenged by Fine Dining

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