Tina Fey, Like Liz Lemon, Loves Cupcakes

Vanity Fair interviews Tina Fey, which — alongside the expected (deserved) deification — confirms that the real Tina loves food just as much as her Liz Lemon alter ego:

Her true vice is cupcakes. I’ve brought her a box, one frosted with the face of Sarah Palin. She chooses that one, which is bigger, joking that it’s O.K. if she gains weight before her Annie Leibovitz photo shoot in a few days, because “Annie’s going to photograph my soul, right?”

And of course, she understands that what every girl wants, really, is a guy who splits his attention between babies and dessert:

[T]his season she’s upgraded to Mad Men’s sexy Jon Hamm, who plays a pediatrician who impresses Lemon with his love of pie-making documentaries and ice-cream makers.

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