Zagat iPhone App Review: 'Cumbersome,' 'Horribly Slow'

Zagat recently launched their very own $10 iPhone application, Zagat To Go '09, which is completely different from the paid subscription website. Herewith, we apply Zagat's review methodology, using customer reviews from the iTunes Store:

The "prematurely released" Zagat iPhone application comes off as "cumbersome" and "not intuitive." The "content itself is strong" but "the UI needs polish." It's "horribly slow," and "getting asked about location every time the app loads" is "ridiculous" and "annoying." The "awkward search function" is "debilitating" since "confusingly" "you cannot search for Italian food in Chelsea." The application "crashes quite a bit," and "frustratingly" includes "advertising for other apps." This "royal joke" is "a decent first effort," but most find it "definitely not worth $10" and a "huge waste of money." "Can I get a refund?"

The application so far has gotten a perfectly average rating of 2 1/2 stars from customers. However, that's not the result of an even distribution of rankings across the spectrum. Rather, the app is getting many harsh one-star reviews, punctuated by the occasional suspiciously glowing five-star rating.

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