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This Week in Eat me daily: Cochon 555, Martha and Milk Bar, Food Network Ripoffs, etc etc

We went to Cochon 555 in New York City and thought Del Posto was totally robbed of the win.
We covered potential layoffs and changes at Slashfood.
We posted video of Martha Stewart visiting Momofuku Milk Bar and baking cookies with Christina Tosi.
In Food Network shadiness, a recent episode of Will Work For Food completely ripped off [...]

Khoren Mouradian's Music Video 'Moo Moo'

We know it's not new, but we only just came across the insane music video for "Moo Moo" by Khoren Mouradian. It's "Old McDonald Had A Farm" jumbled up with Armenian pop music, farm animals, children in a classroom in a barn, keytars, hay fights, and gratuitous breast shots. When they start singing "Quack quack [...]

The Design of Food Merchandising Signs

We were fascinated by the graphic design of the food merchandising signs on South Bay Abram's website. Designed for food service — bakeries, delis, meat, fish, or cheese shops, et al, these signs come in two types: the overly decorative (a boat's steering wheel, fish on the sign, or signs in the literal shape of [...]

Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milkbar Bakes Cookies With Martha Stewart [video]

Yes, another video from yesterday's Martha Stewart Show's Momofuku lovefest (yesterday we posted a video of the visit to Milkbar). It's a really fascinating segment — Christina Tosi, pastry chef of Momofuku Milkbar, makes her Blueberry-and-Cream Cookies (recipe).
She shows off the modern techniques and ingredients she uses, like glucose and milk crumbs ("something we [...]

The Cover of The New Yorker: A Mister Softee Truck in Winter

The cover of this week's New Yorker is "Winter Break," by illustrator Adrian Tomine (website), of a Mister Softee truck parked outside Central Park, sitting, waiting for spring to arrive.

Stephen Colbert Calls for Release of Strategic Chicken Wing Reserve [video]

Last night, The Colbert Report continued its hard-hitting investigation into the chicken wing shortage of 2009, or what Stephen Colbert called the "Countdown to Atomic Disaster, the Wing-Ageddon." He interviewed Richard Lobb, the Director of Communications for the National Chicken Council, who reveals the existence of a Strategic Chicken Wing Reserve that's held in case [...]

Quote of the Day

"If salami is the blog of cured meats, then prosciutto is the great novel."
— Christine Muhlke writing for the New York Times Magazine
[via EMD contributor Paula]

Martha Stewart Visits Momofuku Milk Bar, Crack Pie Made by Christina Tosi and David Chang [video]

Today, as part of The Martha Stewart Show's erroneously-named "10th Street Restaurant Tour" of Manhattan's East Village, Martha paid a visit to Momofuku Milk Bar (which is actually on 2nd Avenue and 13th Street). But no matter, the Stewart / Chang culinary bromance is further cemented. In this segment, the history of Momofuku is explored; [...]

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