Affluent Men Prefer Food To Sports [statistics]

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A study of affluent men from American Express reveals an interesting statistic:

Affluent men pursue a variety of personal interests outside the office. Travel is their top interest, and single men declare travel as the top contributor to happiness. Nearly eight in ten surveyed males are passionate about food. Among the top activities associated with these male "foodies" are dining out at great restaurants at least once a week and traveling the globe to explore restaurants. Sports continues to be a passion for men but married men (37 percent) are more passionate about sports than their single counterparts (17 percent).

Twice as many of these mysterious "affluent men" are passionate about food than about sports, which is a victory for all of us eating-type people who wouldn't know a football if it hit us in the head.

But more importantly: there's something about the phrase "these male 'foodies'" that hits us right on the funnybone — it's always cute when big corporations try their hand at subculture jargon, and even cuter when they inevitably do it with a ham fist.

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