Andrew Zimmern Hates on Sushi Samba

Andrew Zimmern visited the Chicago location of the chain Sushi Samba, calling it "an outrage if ever there was one." He rails:

This popular Brazilian sushi bar is a knock off of my pal Nobu Matsuhisa’s famous eateries right down to the tiradito and shishito peppers, but every plate at SS is overwrought, lacks freshness and tastes almost pre-plated. Ceviches are over-marinated, sauces are too garlicky or lack any finesse at all and the presentations are clunky. Tempura is greasy and cloying. The chef sent several little freebies to our table which was very kind and much appreciated but for the first time in my life I tasted flavorless foie gras! Even the spoiled stuff has flavor. Oy vey.

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