Butcher's Apron as Fashion Statement By Alexander McQueen

The Internation Herald Tribune files a report on Alexander McQueen's "McQueensbury Rules" men's show:

McQueen is in his element with his precise tailoring. Concentrating on the short coat, one of the hits of the season, he made outerwear part of a menacing vision in which a metallic butcher's apron or a leather pinafore added spice to a silhouette that was muscular and masculine.
"It's not safe at all," Donatella Versace said backstage, as she talked about exploration into techno fabrics and melds of cashmere and rubber.

Butcher as fashion plate? It's a stretch, but we're buying it. We've got a dollar and a cookie all lined up for the first designer who hires only Chris Cosentino lookalike models, or declares Tom Mylan is his "muse."

Tom Mylan in Alexander McQueen


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