Buyers from Kraft and Frito-Lay Admit to Accepting Bribes [scandal]

Buyers from Kraft foods and Frito-Lay are pleading guilty to taking bribes from a tomato processor, the AP reports. The two buyers, Robert Watson and James Wahl Jr., each took about $160,000 in exchange for letting California-based SK Foods charge their employers inflated prices.

Randall Rahal, president of Intramark USA, sniffed out who was corruptible with a pretty odd strategy:

He would approach employees at industry giants like Kraft Foods Inc., Safeway Inc. and Frito-Lay and drop a $100 bill in front of them. He would then say, "You must have dropped this, is it yours?" If they agreed, he knew they were open for a "business offer," which typically included money paid for inside information on competitors' bids.

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