Carolynn Carreno Looks Up the Word 'Frizzled'

Carolynn Carreno wonders if "frizzled" is even a real word:

Frizzled sounds like a word, and it’s onomatopoeiatic: It’s fried. It’s sizzled. Often what is “frizzled” is a tangle of something that was very thinly sliced, like leeks, so the results are also “frizzy.” But is it really a word? The thought came to me as I was reading an article in Food & Wine about Rajastani cuisine that called for “frizzled mint and ginger” to top a stuffed flounder fillet. It wasn’t the first time I’d wondered what frizzled meant, or meant to look it up, it’s just the first time I did so when my pinky finger was so close to internet access.

She saves us the effort and looks it up.

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