Chopped Sinks Deep With Bacon Abuse, Sexism, and Tears [video]

Wow. The latest episode of Food Network's Chopped was an unmitigated disaster — terrible food, accused theft, sexism, double dipping, and a surprisingly angry and bitter Alex Guarnaschelli — and it all ended in tears (the winner was so surprised that he cried). If you need one, The Feed's got a wrapup.

Top on the list of crimes was the total abuse of bacon by Chris Burke, a private chef who used to work at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. He made a cannelloni of beef wrapped in bacon, served with what he called rösti potatoes (but weren't) and corn stew. But then he went and poured bacon fat all over the top of the plate, and rebuffed criticism by calling it a "man dish." He said:

I had leftover bacon grease, which I spooned on top, I just went full-tilt on the fat, I didn't hold back, and when I looked up, it maybe wasn't the appropriate dish to serve to Alex. I wouldn't really feel comfortable serving that dish to a woman. It's just so heavy.

Yes, it's true, there can be such a thing as too much bacon. And not just for the ladies. It was just a bad idea.

After the jump, a quick edited compilation of Chris Burke's bacon abuse.

Video: Bacon Abuse on Chopped

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