Day Two of the Gwyneth Cleanse

L.A. Magazine's Mary Melton is on day two of Gwyneth Paltrow's detox regimen, and is finding out that it's a lot of work and a strain on her marriage:

Last night, with only one solid meal all day, I was famished—a bit weak in the knees and nowhere on my face was to be found even a hint of that wide beatific smile of a certain actress. Nonetheless, anticipating, like most normal working people without personal chefs, that I’d be unable to just whip up the “meals” that would constitute Day Two of my Gwyneth Cleanse, I got a head start on cooking. This would entail making two soups from scratch...

The kitchen was Armageddon—the Gwyneth cleanse makes an unholy mess of it at least twice a day—and I left this morning with [my husband] scrubbing pots and pans and muttering something along the lines of: “I bet Chris Martin doesn’t have to clean up after this!”

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