LIGHTNING ROUND Answers from John Hodgman

Today, John Hodgman attempted "to answer as many remaining questions as possible between 9AM and 11AM" in a final and energetic LIGHTNING ROUND. Herein we post reproduce some food-related questions and answers regarding Shopsin's, Shake Shack, and his cooking capabilities (avoiding of course the hobo and owl questions):

Question: Which of Shopsin’s three last locations (including the current site at the Essex Market) do you prefer and do you think Kenny has mellowed with age or has passed the torch to the kid?

Answer: I think you are confusing me with Calvin Trillin.

Question: How does New York City achieve its subtle yet pervasive scent of urine? Does it have anything to do with Hobos? How is it maintained and adjusted for seasonal temperature variations? I hope I haven’t exceeded my alloted question quota. Thanks John!

Answer: Your premise is faulty. New York has many many smells aside from urine. There is also burnt coffee, sour milk, garbage, and Shake Shack.

Question: Is queens county’s name secretly a bedroom communities desire for a homosexual lifestyle, and can you cook?

Answer: For some reason, your first question does not seem sincere, so you will understand why I will pass over it. As for the second, I am a passable home cook, especially in the frying arts.

Question: What’s wrong with the Upper West Side? Why did you leave for Brooklyn? You don’t have to do what all the cool kids are doing.

Answer: I found, on the whole, the Upper West Siders to be too defensive. Also, I had had it with street fairs and brunch. I’m a grown up now.

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