Marian Burros Talks Trash About D.C. Dining; Ruffles Local Feathers

Marian Burros

Oh Marian Burros, the citizens of Washington, D.C. are not happy with you.

Burros wrote a flufftastic roundup for Politico in which she attempts to track down the top 10 eateries in our nation's capital with two companions, "admitted food snobs and dyed-in-the-wool New Yorkers, [who] have never liked any Washington restaurant I have introduced them to." Tough crowd, right? And finding those restaurants "took some digging. And when faced with having to rate them, the top 10 list shrank to eight." Oooh, Burros. Burn.

Tim Carman at the Washington City Paper is not impressed. He calls Burros's listicle a "velvet-wrapped hatchet job," and runs the text of a letter to Politico's editors from D.C. food blogger Mike Bober:

Her inability to set aside her Big Apple bias in a piece where it had little to no relevance ruined an otherwise insightful article.

What use do visitors to DC for this momentous event have with the knowledge that “only a handful of restaurants here…can compete with New York’s finest?” Perhaps if she had been looking for longer than a month, she might have been able to find 10 truly enjoyable experiences, instead of lamenting her inability to find more than 8 that reminded her of New York’s premier establishments.

Burros has a history of condescending to D.C., and in our studied opinion her take on the city's dining scene isn't New Yorkish or snobby — it's just shortsighted and outdated. For what it's worth, her former employer has a much better take on the kitchen scene.

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