Midtown Lunch Backs Out From Walgreens' Sandwich Dare

Zach Brooks from Midtown Lunch was dared to eat a sandwich from Walgreens, a pharmacy chain, but he just couldn't do it:

Fuck that. If you see something weird or gross, and think “gee, I wonder if that’s good. It may be disgusting, but it may be decent…” that’s the kind of thing you can dare me eat. $3 tripe from a cart. Why not. Banana sushi? Bring it on. (Hell, I even ate at Tad’s!) Seeing something you know is going to be gross, that you or I would never eat in a million years- well, daring me to eat that is just torture. And I will not submit myself to torture. Cop out? Maybe. But the grossness I consume on a daily basis, is reason enough for me to be mildly ashamed in front of my friends and family. I’m not adding Walgreens to that list.

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