New Show Review: Food Network's Will Work For Food with Adam Gertler [video]

Oh Food Network. First you go and rip off Top Chef, making your own variation of it and calling it Chopped. And now you go ahead and rip off of Dirty Jobs, make it food-only, and call it Will Work For Food. Jim Jarmusch might have said "It's not where you take it from — it's where you take it to," but it's clear that at this point, you are just completely out of ideas.

Will Work For Food is hosted by Adam Gertler, who you may (or may not) remember as one of the finalists from last year's Next Food Network Star. He lost, primarily because he was deficient in the cooking skills department, but the Food Network hired him on almost immediately for a non-kitchen role in this Dirty Jobs clone, where he tries out different food-related jobs. Hilarity ensues?

The Premiere Episode

The premiere episode had Gertler learn what goes into being a Maine lobsterman. In theory — the lobstermen barely even want to talk to him, and he almost loses his lunch. The second segment had him harvest honey from the hives of three million bees, where the guy training him in actually pretends to stick a bee in Gertler's bee-keeping suit, just for a laugh.

Like Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs, Gertler's shtick is to bring some levity and everyman who-me to his various tasks. The problem is that sometimes, he's just not very funny, and wow, does he complain a lot. Rowe has an uncanny ability to get along with even the scruffiest of men, but Gertler, not so much. Some may find his bumbling around dorky and charming, and some may find him irritating and a total wimp, just hoping that he gets stung by a whole mess of bees. We fall somewhere between the two.

The show definitely has potential: future episodes have him working at Louie Mueller’s Barbeque in Texas, as a geoduck farmer in Puget Sound, as an oyster farmer in Louisiana, as a "wine angel" at Las Vegas's Aureole, getting trained for a pizza challenge in New York City by competitive eaters (Crazy Legs Conti, Pat Bertoletti, and Tim 'Eater X' Janus), and making the famed Kunik goat cheese at Nettle Meadow Farm in upstate New York. We'll be watching. Hopefully he won't get too much in the way of the jobs.

Video: Will Work For Food, Gertler Almost Loses Lunch

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Video: Will Work For Food, Gertler Gets Stung by a Bee

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