New York City's Elite Move the Party Indoors to Private Clubs

The New York Post's Page Six magazine ran a feature called "Private Clubs: Hideouts of the Rich and Shameless," about how New York City's elite are using private clubs to revel in their continued wealth, far away from the commoners, at places like the Core Club, which costs $50,000 to join with a $15,000 annual membership fee:

When the Rainbow Room, the glitzy restaurant atop Rockefeller Center, shuttered a week ago and blamed slowing business and the economy, it might have given the impression that the city's elite are scaling back on luxury spending. After all, sales at Saks dropped by 19 percent last month. So where, oh where have all the rich people gone? As it turns out, private membership spots like the Core Club, Soho House and Norwood are experiencing a revival in these lean economic times—because New York's movers and shakers are not so much cutting back as moving their party indoors.

"Consciously or unconsciously, people don't want to look flashy in this environment," says socialite Euan Rellie, one of the founding members of Soho House, a members-only club in the Meatpacking District. "People want to look grounded." But New Yorkers who haven't lost their expensive tastes are discovering that they can cultivate the "grounded" look and still enjoy $350-a-pop bottle service within their private clubhouses, where anyone who sees them is equally guilty of spending when spending is no longer cool.

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