Obama's Inauguration Could Turn Into a White House Food Fight

The LA Times points out that if Barack Obama takes his all-things-Abe-Lincoln inaugural theme too far, he'll have a food fight on his hands. Here's what happened at Lincoln's inaugural ball:

When the grand supper was announced, after several hours of dancing, the crowd rushed the table and people began grabbing, pushing and stuffing themselves shamelessly. In a matter of minutes, the sumptuous buffet was a shambles -- as were several of the patent exhibits.

But that's not the first time the crowd got rowdy:

When [Andrew] Jackson returned to the White House after [his inauguration], he was followed by some 20,000 rowdy well-wishers hellbent on getting refreshments: ice cream, cake and lemonade.

The mob all but destroyed the White House; Jackson was forced to exit by a back door. The White House steward finally lured guests outside with tubs of whiskey-laced punch.

Somehow we have a hard time imagining the ever-cool Obama letting stuff get so out of hand, but if anyone can pull off freaking tubs of whiskey-laced punch on the lawn, it's the 'Bamster.

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