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Gordon Ramsay Not a Fan of Top Chef

Gordon Ramsay, in an intervew with the Chicago Tribune's Red Eye blog, shared his thoughts on Top Chef:
Top Chef has done phenomenally well on Bravo but what I find my frustration is with Top Chef is that a challenge is a challenge. I put my contestants—my chefs, I hate that word contestants—in the world of [...]

Fake PETA Website Serves Up Omaha Steaks Ad

A banner ad for Omaha Steaks is showing up on a fake PETA website,, that craftily inserts PETA's website into a frame below the ad. AdAge was completely fooled, thinking that it was a screw-up by a contextual ad generator.
Is someone punking PETA, or is PETA punking everyone?

Hell's Kitchen Season Five Premieres Tonight [television]

Already up to season five?
Hell's Kitchen season five premieres tonight at 9pm, and we are so gonna watch it. Make no mistake — this is bad television, but at least it doesn't have the supposed culinary "ambition" of Top Chef, which is a farce anyway. No, Hell's Kitchen is straight up junk food, and [...]

The Colbert Report on the Nationwide Chicken Wing Shortage [video]

Clockwise, from top left: the celery hunters, the blue cheese miners, the Hidden Valley ranchers, Hooters waitresses.
Last night's The Colbert Report spent a whopping four-plus minutes covering the nationwide chicken wing shortage, or what Stephen Colbert called "Countdown to Atomic Disaster, the Wing-Ageddon." Calling it a conspiracy, he fears it'll have repercussions across the entire [...]

Layoffs and Changes for Slashfood [maybe?]

Slashfood is about to undergo some serious changes as part of a relaunch of AOL's lifestyle blogs as online magazines, according to multiple anonymous sources cited by ReadWriteWeb.
Lead bloggers at the "lifestyle blogs", sites like Gadling, ParentDish and SlashFood, have been told that they will be terminated in February but have apparently been told not [...]

The Children's Book Eli No!

Photograph by Katie Kirk
Here's a page from the lovely unpublished childrens' book, Eli No!, the "story of one trouble-making dog, and the one word that isn't far behind." Designed and illustrated by Katie Kirk and Nathan Strandberg, you can see more pictures on the Flickr set of Eli No!.

Francis Lam on the Importance of Good Service

Francis Lam writes for Gourmet about the need for good service when it comes to fine dining:
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to expect good service out of fine dining. Maybe it’s because my soul is dying. Or maybe it’s because as the price increases, as expectations rise, the stakes get higher, and the effects [...]

Buyers from Kraft and Frito-Lay Admit to Accepting Bribes [scandal]

Buyers from Kraft foods and Frito-Lay are pleading guilty to taking bribes from a tomato processor, the AP reports. The two buyers, Robert Watson and James Wahl Jr., each took about $160,000 in exchange for letting California-based SK Foods charge their employers inflated prices.
Randall Rahal, president of Intramark USA, sniffed out who was corruptible [...]

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