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Mario Batali Wishes He Could Fly

The Freakonomics dudes corralled the be-clogged one into answering their stock-question Q&A. Some highlights:
Q: On my deathbed, I will wish that I had spent more time _________.
A: Learning and playing the banjo.
Q: What is your net worth as a ratio of your parents’ net worth at the time you were 16 (adjusted for inflation if [...]

The Popularity of Foods on Facebook [stats]

Techcrunch reports on the top five fan pages on Facebook:
1. Barack Obama (4,544,050 fans)
2. Coca-Cola (2,286,085 fans)
3. Homer J Simpson (2,230,644 fans)
4. Nutella (2,109,429 fans)
5. Pizza (2,050,050 fans)
We looked up more food-based fan pages on Facebook:

Bacon has 79,805 fans,
durian has 31,263 fans,
Shkembe Chorba (a traditional Bulgarian tripe soup) has 4,172,
balut has 1,204 fans,
and poor [...]

Chopped Sinks Deep With Bacon Abuse, Sexism, and Tears [video]

Wow. The latest episode of Food Network's Chopped was an unmitigated disaster — terrible food, accused theft, sexism, double dipping, and a surprisingly angry and bitter Alex Guarnaschelli — and it all ended in tears (the winner was so surprised that he cried). If you need one, The Feed's got a wrapup.
Top on the list [...]

Conde Nast's Food Magazines in Trouble

Ad pages in 2008 were down at Bon Appetit and Gourmet, -16.5%, and -23.4%, respectively.
The future of food in print does look bleak, but let's hope that these old warhorses stick around — food journalism needs a healthy ecosystem, and glossy magazines are a big part of it.

Redesigning the Super Bowl Logo in Food

The New York Times has a slideshow of designers reworking the Super Bowl logo. We liked the concept of Julia Hoffmann's food-based version, combining pizza, burgers and chicken wings:
Since Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest U.S. food consumption day, following Thanksgiving, I propose to mark this unofficial second (or for some people first) national [...]

Hershey Shuts Down Scharffen Berger Plant in Berkeley, CA

Photograph by tvivante
Hershey, which bought Scharffen Berger in 2005, is shutting down its West Berkeley manufacturing plant, reports the SF Chronicle. Hershey already makes the majority of its Scharffen Berger products in Robinson, Illinois, and is going to shift the entire operation there. Says the Chronicle:
Scharffen Berger was founded in 1996 by Robert Steinberg, a [...]

Martha Stewart Visits Rai Rai Ken [video]

Yesterday, as part of The Martha Stewart Show's 10th Street Restaurant Tour of Manhattan's East Village, Martha paid a visit to Rai Rai Ken, the famed ramen restaurant. We get an instruction from Martha on how to make a chopstick holder out of paper, and an awesome inside look at the ingredients of the broth.

@theBKlounge Details Burger King Brandjacking on Twitter

Turns out that theBKlounge on Twitter was a hoax, set up by Caleb Kramer, a student at Indiana University in Bloomington. On his personal blog, he removes the mask, writing a multi-part series about his experience hijacking the identity of Burger King. In part one he details how he posed as a fake spokesperson and [...]

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