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'Sugar Lumps' by Flight of the Conchords [video]

Flight of the Conchords is back! Season two, episode two featured their song, Sugar Lumps: "All the ladies they want / A taste of my sugar lumps."

Toby Young Proclaimed One of Reality Television's 'Worst Villains of 2009'

The New York Post's Sunday television insert proclaimed Toby Young to be one of reality television's "Worst Villains of 2009," placing him into a less than, let's say, desirable group.
Surely our readers are too sophisticated to know who those other villains are. We had to ask around, but herein we break it down for [...]

Bourdain Follows up Yet Again Re: Alice Waters

Writing on his blog on the Travel Channel's website, Anthony Bourdain follows up on his previous criticisms of Alice Waters, blaming it on an inner demon he's named Vic:
So I found the allegedly chronic non-voter Waters' offer to head up a "kitchen cabinet" - an advisory board guiding the new administration to a new, organic, [...]

The Pork Flowed Like Wine at Cochon 555 [New York City events]

The Del Posto team chopped faster than our shutter speed
It's been a few hours since I've been home from yesterday's Cochon 555 (website) in New York, and my hair still smells like pork. No joke: The smell hit us like a greasy, meaty wall as soon as we entered the Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime [...]

Stains, the Poor Dog That Wants Cupcakes, Stares [video]

The Soup featured a clip from the reality show It's Me or The Dog where a cruel trainer tries to tempt a poor dog with cupcakes. But the training was effective! All the dog can do is stare. Says Joel McHale:
Realizing resistance was futile, Stains went to his special place visualizing a world where dogs [...]

Egg Carton States the Obvious

In Britain, the Happy Egg Company’s carton of eggs — which is decorated with a picture of an egg and a cartoon chicken mascot — contains the message "Allergy Advice: Contains egg" inside the lid of the boxes, reports The Daily Mail.
The Happy Egg Company admitted it had chosen to print the advice of [...]

This Week in Eat me daily: Schrambling, Ripert, Mr. T, Spicy Curry, etc etc

We interviewed the patron-saint of Eat me daily, Regina Schrambling.
We reviewed Eric Ripert's On the Line, calling it a "a goddamn fantastic book."
We were taken aback by the Mr T FlavorWave Oven.
We finally watched Man v Food, posting a video of the The Phaal Challenge at Brick Lane Curry House and the The Double Bypass [...]

Jamie Oliver Packaging Design by Pearlfisher

Lovely packaging design for Jamie Oliver products. Pearlfisher's website says:
Task: New brand creation, developing a new lifestyle concept that elevates the Jamie Oliver experience from the kitchen to the home.
Scope: Strategy, logo, brand identity, corporate identity, structural design, design of over 170 SKUs, secondary packaging, tone of voice, naming, pack and web copy.

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