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The Illustrated Nose To Tail [food art]

Ryan Adams (no, not that one) is blogging his way through the entirety of Fergus Henderson's cookbook The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating. He had some friends over for a meal of headcheese, roast quail with lentils, and blood cake with an egg fried in duck fat. His friend Laura Williams drew the meal.
Raise [...]

Food Network Chefs in Pancake 'Art' from Food Network Magazine [not food art]

What Food Network Magazine is calling "Food Network Chefs in Pancake Art" doesn't fit into our category of what we'd call food art. The resemblances aren't even close, but hey, if you want to learn how to make some poor caricatures out of pancakes, the Food Network even made a handy how-to slide-show. We, however, [...]

WWII-Era Exploding Chocolate Bar

From the website of the security Service, more commonly known as MI5, comes this spy gadget from World War II: an exploding chocolate bar.
This ordinary-looking bar of chocolate is really a German hand grenade. It's made of steel with a thin covering of real chocolate. When the piece of chocolate at the end is broken, [...]

On Marriage Proposals at Restaurants

Bruce Feiler writes a piece for Gourmet about the upsides and downsides of proposing at a restaurant:
Waiters also dislike having to coerce a woman into ordering something she doesn’t want. (“You’re the jerk waiter trying to push dessert.”) One valentine lost interest in her flourless chocolate torte before reaching the words “Will you marry me?” [...]

Mr T Presents the Mr T FlavorWave Oven [video]

We're not sure if he's trying to cash in on the George Foreman thing, or if he really believes in the cooking powers of halogen energry, but Mr. T has his own semi-healthy cooking device on the market: the Mr. T Flavor-Wave Oven, yours for just three easy payments of $39.95:
Mr T Flavorwave Oven® is [...]

Midtown Lunch Backs Out From Walgreens' Sandwich Dare

Zach Brooks from Midtown Lunch was dared to eat a sandwich from Walgreens, a pharmacy chain, but he just couldn't do it:
Fuck that. If you see something weird or gross, and think “gee, I wonder if that’s good. It may be disgusting, but it may be decent…” that’s the kind of thing you can dare [...]

Sandra Lee Goes To Washington, DC?

Store-bought cookies for everyone!
We didn't think anything could snap us out of our post-inauguration high, but then we heard the terrible news: Caroline Kennedy has dropped out of contention for the open position of New York senator.
Why does this matter? Because with Kennedy out of the running, the most likely candidate appears to be New [...]

Butcher's Apron as Fashion Statement By Alexander McQueen

The Internation Herald Tribune files a report on Alexander McQueen's "McQueensbury Rules" men's show:
McQueen is in his element with his precise tailoring. Concentrating on the short coat, one of the hits of the season, he made outerwear part of a menacing vision in which a metallic butcher's apron or a leather pinafore added spice to [...]

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