Quelle Horror! Paul Bocuse's New McMenu

The "pope" of French cuisine, Paul Bocuse, is skulking over to the dark side.

In an attempt to soothe flocks of lucre-hemorrhaging culinary devotees, Bocuse and other chefs accustomed to charging $450 a head are introducing fast food chains and snack bar counters to their suddenly less corpulent empires of restaurants.

Simple ham sammies and lowly foie gras and fatback-free burgers are on offer for bargain basement prices of roughly $6 a pop at the new outlets, Bocuse's Ouest Express and Gay Martin's Miyou.

"We are at a historical turning-point in cuisine," Bernard Boutboul, a Paris food consultant, told The London Telegraph.

Indeed we are, Bernard. Indeed we are.

–Special EMD contributor Kathleen Willcox


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