Ricardo, a Canadian Food Magazine, Bites the Dust

The global economic meltdown claims its first food magazine victim: Canada's Ricardo magazine. Founded in 2006, the English language edition of the magazine has been suspended "for an undetermined period" due to "insufficient paid subscriptions" reports the Ottawa Citizen. The French language edition will continue to be published.

Not affected is the popular Food Network Canada show, Ricardo & Friends. The magazine and TV show features Quebec culinary icon Ricardo Larrivée, a foodie success story sometimes called "Quebec's answer to Jamie Oliver" -- but with a sexy French accent.

With Canada's economy arguably more stable than America's, we have to wonder: which American food magazines are in trouble? We've heard rumbles of layoffs here and there, a few reports of salary freezes and belt-tightening, but there's someone out there who's thisclose to closing their doors forever. Any news? Let us know.

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