Roots Cafe in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Serves Stumptown Coffee [mindblowing]

Roots Cafe's website claims "You’ve never tasted finer coffee! Never!" That's a tall claim in any context, but given that they're serving the celebrated Stumptown coffee from Portland, Oregon, we couldn't help but go check it out. We tried the drip and an Americano, and here is our verdict: Holy f-cking sh-t. Words can't ever do this coffee justice, but we will try.

This is hands-down, the most insanely awesome, mind-blowing coffee that has ever graced our caffeine-stained lips. We are honored and humbled by this coffee; we have found religion, and it is a roasted bean. This is coffee from another dimension, ineffable, incomprehensible. The people at Stumptown Coffee are alchemists — nay, wizards.

Seriously, you should just get on the subway (or a plane, or boat, or whatever it is) right the f-ck now and go have some.

And it's reasonably priced! We'd pay a hell of a lot more than the two bucks for a medium coffee of this glorious brew.

Like the New York Times reported back in August, the east coast branch of the Stumptown roasting plant is still in the process of being set up in Red Hook. Until then, they'll be importing the beans from Portland, Oregon. The word is that the coffee will be even better when the beans gets roasted locally.

Some details: There will be live roots music Friday and Saturday nights, for the moment coffee beans are not available for sale, and we've heard reports that the hot chocolate is great as well.

Roots Cafe
639A Fifth Ave (between 17th and 18th St)
Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

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