Sandra Lee Goes To Washington, DC?

Store-bought cookies for everyone!

We didn't think anything could snap us out of our post-inauguration high, but then we heard the terrible news: Caroline Kennedy has dropped out of contention for the open position of New York senator.

Why does this matter? Because with Kennedy out of the running, the most likely candidate appears to be New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Who, for the last three years, has been dating Sandra Lee. Which means that Sandra Lee would be, if not a senator's wife, at the very least a senator's consort. Which means she'll be foisting things like Hot Legs with Spicy-Ranch Sauce and chili-from-a-can Chili Fries on unsuspecting heads of state and wielders of international power.

We can't wait to see what Alice Waters has to say about that showing up at the White House for dinner.

Update: Sandra Lee is not headed to DC.

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