The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg on Not Poisoning Your Guests

In the most recent issue of The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg solves some problems:

We recently hosted a brunch for a friend, who kindly brought a strawberry shortcake. But as I put the cake out on the table, I noticed mold nestled between the strawberries and the cake. The conundrum: Point out the mold, at risk of humiliating the guest of honor? Or say nothing, and risk poisoning everyone?

Joy Pueschel, Chevy Chase, Md.

His advice:

Dear Joy,

You should not poison your guests, unless this is your actual goal, in which case I would suggest a truly malevolent mold like aflatoxin. Whether or not murder is the goal, it is unacceptable to humiliate your guest by noting the parlous state of the strawberry shortcake. Might I suggest getting a dog? A dog would have served you quite usefully in this moment. Imagine the shortcake positioned at the edge of a counter; a quick swipe of an overenthusiastic dog's tail would solve your problem. And no harm comes to the dog because dogs are unembarrassable. Have you ever tried to embarrass a dog?

Sage words, indeed. Everyone should have a dog on hand, just in case. It has long been one of my most indispensable kitchen tools, up there with a microplane grater and a good, heavy chef's knife.

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