The British Comedy Nathan Barley [video]

We were only recently turned onto the British comedy Nathan Barley from 2005. Only six episodes long (and more rumored!), the show satires the trendy urban pseudo-artists and hipsters, parodying video art, journalism via Vice magazine, Bansky, etc. Maybe a little uneven from episode to episode, the show is incredibly prescient and oddly brilliant, and features a couple of actors from the internet phenomenon The IT Crowd.

Two completely out-of-context food-related clips below — the first of the futurist restaurant, Regime, that has patrons insert their finger into a device that "analyzes the mineral balance and tells you what you should eat," but they don't usually contradict the tablet. The other is of Nathan Barley, so insecure of his own hipsterism, mimicking Dan Ashcroft's prank order of coffee with smoked salmon and eggs mixed in.

Video: Nathan Barley, Futuristic Dining

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Video: Nathan Barley, Smoked Salmon and Eggs Coffee

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