The Gwyneth Cleanse: The Finale

We've been following L.A. Magazine's Mary Melton as she subjects herself — voluntarily! — to a one-week cleanse outlined in Gwyneth Paltrow's incredibly stupid e-mail newsletter, GOOP.

A few days short of the goal — but after a solid attempt at a miso, raw-food, steamed-salmon lifestyle — Mary is finally done.

I thought about the Gwyneth detox and What I’d Learned on Sunday when, instead of digging into my prescribed miso soup with vegetable lunch I was chomping into my second Taco Bell Crunchy Supreme. Eating local, seasonal, and organic? Good things, no argument. Cooking at home, a lot? Funny that I should now be more inspired to do so by someone who probably doesn’t have to cook for herself all that much. While I don’t own a scale, I can tell by my belt notch that I’ve dropped at least a few pounds, so I’ll be working on regaining those immediately. Did I have more energy? Other than not passing out at night, which I attribute more to lack of alcohol than anything else, no. Do I look healthier? Quite possibly.

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