The Jogging Banana from Prospect Park [video]

Our eyes lit up on Monday when OTBKB posted a picture of a jogging banana in Prospect Park. Likened to a Bigfoot sighting, most would assume this was a bizarre, one-time prank. But whoah, some enterprising people got up super-early Sunday morning in 18 degree weather and actually caught up with Shawn Shawn, aka the JOGGING BANANA, and shot a mini documentary about him. From the brief interview:

What kind of reaction are you getting?
Mainly, people not looking, which is great.
One person yelled, "I wanna put you on my oatmeal." That was funny.
Another guy yelled, "Are you late for work?"
I got a hug, that was nice, I think that person recognizes what this is about.

What is this about?
Why do painters paint? You have to. Beyond that, it's feeling good and deciding what you want to be, and having fun. I'm just out here, and I'm you know, trying to be here, and that's all I want to do.

Video: The Jogging Banana


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