'The Joy of Cooking' Denies Self, Expands Brand to Frozen Dinners

Not to get all Joan of Arc here, but when we railed on Mark Bittman a while back for dissing The Joy of Cooking, it really came from the heart. We were calling-to-arms supporters of the seminal cookbook's call to arms, we were fighting the good fight against sexism, the Great Depression, the marginalization of the kitchen, the idea that cooking is a tedious chore.

Well, fuck that. The Joy of Cooking has a line of frozen foods, and we are officially sticking out our tongue at the Rombauer legacy. Seriously, guys? Seriously? "The taste of homemade without all the workTM"?! With a perky-faced mascot actually named "Joy"?!

The Joy Of Cooking, our ass. More like The Joy Of Probably Getting Cancer From Standing Near The Microwave. We wash our hands of you.


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